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L from the Option prompt runs a program called LIBRARY. This service is MUD's data bank, a mass of information about the game, some of which may be written by the players.

LIBRARY consists of a number of files, organised into units themselves called libraries. On your screen, the contents of a library will be listed in menu form, and you simply type in the number of the entry you wish to take. There are several different sorts of entry, but the main three are libraries, data files and boards.

Since a library can have other libraries as entries within it, this gives an hierarchical, tree-like structure overall. All files have an address which gives the route to that file from the uppermost library, separated by dots. For example, entry 4 in the library which is entry 1 from the uppermost library would have the address .1.4 .

Those entries which are not themselves libraries are, in the main, data files. The library contains many, many of these covering virtually every aspect of MUD, and newcomers are strongly recommended to browse through them. Although not all will be immediately relevant, you'll soon get a good impression of where it's best to look.

There are other types of entries, boards being the most prominent. These are proper bulletin-boards, where messages can be posted for public consumption. The main board is called BB, and can be accessed from the Option prompt by typing BB (you don't say?), however there are other boards scattered around in the libraries lower down in the tree, each with their own subject matter. Of these, the most important is the MAIL board, which is set up to be used for persona-to-persona messages; it can be accessed directly by typing M at the Option prompt. Although most players read boards, not so many seem to contribute; please don't be shy - if you want to comment on something you've read on a board, do so! The command RB from the Option prompt enables you to read all boards to which you have access, so there's no excuse for missing one..!

As with all MUD's facilities, LIBRARY has comprehensive on-line help available - just type H and sit back!

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