The Woollen Scarf Hat

        Molly was a bumble-fairy who lived in the last house in the village of Hickory Woods. One day, she went to a party at the home of the Wayward Wizard. She enjoyed herself tremendously - gossiping with the imp who puts the magic in spoons, and eating lots of cake. It seemed to get late very quickly, though, and she soon felt that she ought to go home.
        Sighing, Molly went to get her coat and scarf. She could see that the weather outside was snow. Now, although her coat was nice and warm, Molly's scarf was old and thin, and she knew she would be cold on the long journey back to her cottage. It was then that she noticed a woollen scarf hanging up next to hers.
        "Hmm," Molly thought to herself. "I could take this woollen scarf instead of my own. I could pretend that I had made a mistake, and return it tomorrow when the snow has cleared. I do live the furthest from here, so I must need the warmest scarf. I'm sure its owner won't mind.
        Molly looked around to make sure no-one was watching, then she took the woollen scarf and set off into the snow, secretly.
        After a while, Molly thought the woollen scarf was feeling a bit tight. She loosened it, but a few steps later it seemed tight again. She undid it some more but it didn't make any difference, so she tried to take it off. She couldn't! And the woollen scarf began squeezing her round the neck so hard that it hurt!
        "If I don't do something soon, I'll be strangled," thought Molly, so she swiftly ran back to find the Wayward Wizard's house. She seemed to pass a lot of cross people on the way, though.
        "You silly bumble-fairy!" scolded the Wayward Wizard. "That's my magic scarf! When I clap my hands, whoever is wearing it is magicked home. I did hope to use it tonight, but because of you everyone else at the party has had to walk back, and in all this snow!"
        With that, the Wayward Wizard clapped his hands, and Molly disappeared home, leaving only the scarf to fall to the ground. He would normally have waited for an apology, but didn't bother because he knew she wouldn't be able to speak for at least a day anyway.


        Don't borrow anything without asking first; it can be a real pain in the neck.

Illustration by Roy Bartle
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