Here is a list of all references from Designing Virtual Worlds, arranged alphabetically by surname of author; if the "author" is an organisation rather than an individual, I've gone by the first word of its name. Note that for movies I've put the screenwriter's name before the director's because I don't feel writers get enough credit; I'm sure this will help me no end in my quest to get my own screenplays produced...

Virtual Worlds

Some of the above references are to specific virtual worlds or similar, which I have filed under the names of their lead designers (when I could unearth that information). For those of you more interested in the worlds than the designers, here is a straight list of all the virtual worlds I mention that still exist:

For obscure codebases, good places to look are:

Other Stuff

These are some assorted organisations, games, tools, codebases and services I mention. They're not filed earlier - they only appear here:


Elsewhere on this site:

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