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  • noun A special wiz with power over the others. Sometimes spelled archwiz, or abbreviated to arch. Arch-wizzes rarely flex their muscles, and are only present because if there weren't any, they would be needed... It is impossible to work up an arch-wiz, since they are appointed directly by the game management (indeed, the game management generally consists of all of the arch-wizzes!). Arch-wizzes are, of course, wizzes, and therefore are normally included when the term wiz is used, except for when the context indicates otherwise. "All wizzes can FOD mortals, but only arch-wizzes can FOD wizzes, and wizzes can't FOD arch-wizzes". Sometimes, the arch-wizzes is used to mean all the holders of this rank: "You can try it, but the arch-wizzes will stomp on you". See ur-wiz.

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