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We get lots of people hitting our site because they want to play a MUD and figure we probably have one. Well, we do, MUD2 - the latest version of the original MUD which sparked the entire genre. In continuing development since 1985, it offers unparalleled depth and colour (which is why we can charge people to play it!).
Unicorn Try MUD2 right now at
Unicorn Try MUD2 right now at
Unicorn You can play MUD1, the first version of MUD to burst onto the scene (it's called British Legends as it used to run under that name on CompuServe).
Unicorn If you're not interested in any of MUSE's MUDs, you should try your luck at the MUD Connector or mudlinks://: they're huge, searchable collections of links to hundreds of MUDs of every shape and size.

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