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  • noun Personae well advanced along the road to wiz; usually mages, or perhaps warlocks who have recently been mages and are likely to regain their status soon. Deriving as an alternative to the term lowlife, highlife was originally a collective noun, used either in the singular (to refer to the group as a unit, eg. "When the killers come in, the highlife quits") or in the plural (to refer to members of the group, eg. "Today's highlife are wimps"). A growing number of people would also accept "She may only be a sorc at the moment, but she's a highlife really"; in this form, the plural is normally highlifes (rarely highlives), eg. "All three of my personae are highlifes". Any of these variations may be hyphenated, but true addicts don't normally bother. Wiz mortals are usually excluded from considerations of highlife/lowlife.

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