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Magic in The Land permeates everything, and even though it will be a while before you can use it, it's something you will need to understand early on in your MUD career. It comes in two principal manifestations:
  • spells
  • artefacts

Spells often accomplish what artefacts can do, but cost a lot of magic to use. For either, your chances of success depend on both your level and that of your victim. The most potent artefacts only work for very high-level players.

Some spells you should know of (but there are others!) are:

  • WISH
    ask a question of the wizzes.
  • GLOW
    victim (usually yourself) glows in the dark.
    changes the victim's sex.
    victim cannot see.
    victim cannot move.
    victim cannot hear.
  • DUMB
    victim cannot speak.
    victim (usually yourself) goes invisible.
    victim falls asleep.
    copy everything on the victim's screen to yours.
    teleport victim to your location.
    give the location of an object.
  • FOD
    Finger Of Death: kills victim instantly.

Some magical artefacts (you'll have to discover their effects yourself!):

  • the baton
  • the bow
  • the flute
  • the mirror
  • the oracle
  • the amulet
  • the horn
  • the potions
  • the barometer
  • the stethoscope
  • the cape

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