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The Product

MUD2 is the latest version of MUD, the very first multi-player adventure game; officially, it is MUD v4E. It has been in continual development since late 1978, and consequently has a depth and integrity quite unmatched by any other online game. Its player retention rate is very high - we have people who still play daily after 10 years - and its support materials are excellent. It is a proven product, capable of delivering quality gaming experiences year after year after year. Best of all, being textual by nature, it doesn't date.

MUSE is always on the look out for new partners to license the game, however it is of paramount importance that existing MUD2 sites are not unduly affected. If two versions of the game are equally readily available, players will simply migrate to the one which is the least expensive for them. Not only can this split the user base and cause neither game to flourish, it is grossly unfair to MUSE's existing licensees. MUSE prides itself on dealing honestly and fairly with its customers and licensees at all times.

That said, if you do have a proposal to introduce MUD2 to a largely untapped market, MUSE wants to hear from you! Even in cases when a new site will totally undermine an old site, an accommodation can often be made. If you don't ask, you'll never know.


MUD2 is written in C and runs under Unix. Although there are many different flavours of Unix, MUD2 has been ported to most of them already, and it's usually only a matter of a few hours to effect a full conversion to a new one anyway.

Its hardware configuration depends upon the version of Unix and the intended number of players; the system degrades gracefully with extra players, so in general throwing hardware at a slow game will speed it up. A typical server is not expensive: a high clock-speed Pentium with 16mb or 32mb of RAM running Linux is more than sufficient for a 50-player game. Disc space only becomes an issue if you intend to keep large logs of player activity for long periods.


MUD2 works. It is proven. It is addictive. It has a longer pedigree than any other online game in existence. It is available.

For details on obtaining a MUD2 licence, please consult our licensing policy.

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