How do I get out of the Elizabethan Tearoom? Thumbnail


How do I get out of the Elizabethan Tearoom?


There are two things you need to know to get out of the Tearoom: which direction to move, and how to overcome the feeling of dread that descends upon you. The first problem is easy, since the room description tells you that the way out is to the north. Hence, give the command N (which is short for NORTH).

Going N is no use, however, if you have no points: you will get a feeling of dread when you try to leave the Tearoom, and can't get out until you become suitably composed. To become suitably composed, take the advice given at the end of the description of the room, and SIP TEA. This will give you one point, enough for you to get out by going N. There is no need to SIP TEA every time you play - only do it if you have no points.

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