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Where will I find treasure?


When you first start, this can be a problem until you find your way around. All novices start off on some section of the narrow road which cuts across MUD from east to west. Off this road you will find some buildings, the important ones being the cottage, the inn and the villa. All these buildings contain treasures which are worth points ONLY to low-ranking players. Such treasures are called trinkets. You will sometimes find proper treasures in these buildings, too, but they are usually removed and swamped quickly by other players as they pass by.

The particular places to look are in the lounge and small bedroom of the cottage; the lounge bar and small bedroom behind the door marked "PRIVATE" of the inn; the nursery in the villa (near the top of the tower - just keep going up from the ingresso). There are also trinkets in other easy-to-find places, such as the stable.

The easier treasure is to find, the less it is worth, so don't expect to come across really valuable stuff until you've explored more.

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