How come sometimes I only get short room descriptions? Thumbnail


How come sometimes I only get short room descriptions?


Rooms have a short description and a long description. When you enter a room for the first time in a game, you will be given both descriptions. On subsequent entries, you will get only the short description, and will have to use the LOOK command to get the full description again. If you want the long description every time, use the VERBOSE command; to get only short descriptions when you enter rooms, use the BRIEF command. UNBRIEF and UNVERBOSE take you back to the original "verbose on first entry" mode.

There is a related pair of commands, FIGHTBRIEF and FIGHTVERBOSE (FB and FV) which you might find useful. They control the amount of text you get when a fight is taking place. Although the descriptions of blows may be interesting, they can sometimes be a pain, cluttering up the screen with inessential information.

Your VERBOSE/BRIEF and FV/FB settings are saved with your persona, so you don't need to use them every time you play. If you're an old pro' and want all your settings as brief as possible, there's a SBR (SUPERBRIEF) command; if you want maximum verbosity, use SVERBOSE.

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