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Essentially, MUD is an adventure game for several players. Hence, if you enjoy adventure games, certain elements of MUD will be familiar to you. However, because of the extra dimension of its being multi-user, it will rarely adhere to the conventions you may be used to. In particular, MUD is a role-playing game, and this may affect your relationships with certain of the most deadly creatures you will encounter - the other players. As well as friendly advances from people who talk to you as if you've known them all your life, also be prepared for a strained, even hostile response to something even as innocuous as unsolicited communication. As in real life, some people are extroverts, yet some are shy of newcomers and take time to adjust to them. Part of the attraction of MUD is that you can never quite predict what's going to happen next, nor how other players will react to what you do.

MUD's scenario is called The Land, and is a timeless, fantasy realm of open pastures, vast forests, tormented seas, and deep, subterranean passages. Part of the purpose of this Beginners' Companion, is to help you understand the peculiarities of The Land, and the nature of its inhabitants, so better to survive its often hazardous ways.

The overall "objective" of the game is to become a wizard or witch - a wiz. You will probably find wizzes are the least hostile of characters, since they have suffered most of the problems and inconveniences the game has to offer, and are likely to be sympathetic to the difficulties met by a newcomer. However, they will not look too kindly on continuous "whining", and some of their replies to your questions may be very cryptic. Specific requests from a novice for information or assistance may well be answered, though, and so long as you pay attention to what is said and thank the wiz concerned afterwards, the wiz's respect for you will increase and you may soon find that you have made a most useful friend.

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