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So far, we have mentioned wizards and witches (wizzes) quite a lot. We have advised you as how to approach them, hinted at some of their abilities, and told you that to become a wiz is your goal. What we have not said is what wizzes are, and what happens to you when you become one.

In brief, wizzes have virtually limitless power. They can pick up treasures from wherever they like, whenever they like; teleport to any location, including some that mere mortals can never visit; destroy anything they like with casual ease. They can also create their own rooms, objects, and even mobiles, imbuing them with life to roam The Land at their behest.

A staggering list of spells and special wiz commands lie at their fingertips, enabling them to make things appear to happen that haven't, or not to have happened that have; they can add or remove points from players, confiscate their treasures, move them about, even change their name and title! They can become the mobiles that stalk the land, playing as the dragon, say, instead of as their wiz. It is hardly surprising that one frequently hears it said that becoming a wiz is when the fun in MUD REALLY starts!

This Beginners' Companion is not the place to go into detail. Once you become a wiz, the arch-wizzes will contact you and tell you what you need to know, and exactly what you can do with your new-found might. Remember, however, that with these hard-won powers comes great responsibility, and that wizzes are not only masters of The Land, but also its most trusted servants. Although the road is tough, by the time you have reached this exalted status, you will certainly have earned your reward!

Good luck!

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