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        The question of "wiz leaks" is a big issue in MUD at the moment. If you find a mortal who knows something which they can only have found out by being told by a wiz, the solution is quite simple:

1)      tell the mortal that they have wiz-privved information and you need to know who told them it.
2)      if they refuse to tell you, inform them that nothing will happen to them if hey do tell you, and that you'll keep the fact that they grassed on their friend a secret.
3)      if they still won't tell you, inform them they have a choice, they either tell you or you FOD them.
4)      if they still won't tell you, say they have 1 day to change their minds.
5)      leave a message in SS10 telling us what's happened so far, so we can call it off before it's too late if we know something you don't!
6)      if they refuse to tell you one day later, FOD them.

        The problem is if they say they found out by "guessing", so you have to draw them out a bit first, ie. get them to admit they were told the information by someone else before you suggest they shouldn't know it. Also, they sometimes put the blame on the wrong wiz or on another mortal who denies all knowledge of it, and this can be awkward too. However, in the general case, try the strategy outlined above and you're pretty likely to get a result.

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