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    24-Oct-90 09:38:50
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        Since I've been quoted several times regarding this "is it OK to go from wiz to mortal in the same reset" issue, I suppose I really ought to make my view clear!

        There is NO proscription of going from wiz to mortal in the same reset. What IS proscribed are certain actions which wizzes find it tempting to do while playing as a mortal. Paramount among these are:

        1)      Leaping out of wiz mode to hack someone
        2)      Leaping out of wiz mode to save someone

        All wizzes should accept that neither of the above are acceptable if done from wiz mode, however they are OK from mortal mode. Therefore, some wizzes might think that all they have to do is to quit wiz mode and come back as a mortal, and all is well. However, all is not well!

        The thing is, "wizzes shouldn't directly cause the death of mortals" isn't the bottom line; it's a corollary of a more fundamental guideline, ie. "wiz powers should not be directly used to cause the death of mortals". If you play the game as a wiz, even if only for a short time, you receive information which is wiz-privileged. If you then proceed to use that information as a mortal, you're violating a fundamental guideline.

        Consequently, you have to be VERY careful what you do. Your play as a mortal should be AT LEAST robust enough to withstand the following litmus test: assume that you are being snooped by a high-level mortal - could that mortal tell from your actions that you are using wiz knowledge? If so, you're doing wrong; if not so, you might still be doing wrong so BE CAREFUL! If anything goes wrong, it's YOUR responsibility, and YOU'LL carry the can!

        Analogy: being allowed to go into mortal mode is like being allowed to own a gun in the USA - it's OK, so long as you don't do anything silly with it.

        Reminder: under British law, the way we stop people from doing silly things with guns is to stop them from owning guns at all...


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