DRAGON MUD2 Graveyard Entries Hat

Inscribed on a modestly austere tombstone here is the name, "Richard the arch-wizard".

Insculpt upon the nearby marble headstone of Nemesis the wizard, which glows like fire, are the words: "The roar of the dragon made me immortal".

Before you is a black slab inlaid with a single rose of ruby and jade. In flickering emerald fire burn the words: "Wabit the arch-wizard, died of a broken heart".

Before you stands a beautiful monument, carved from magical ice. Engraved on its surface are the words: "Snowy the wizard was dying to get in here".

Before you stands a plain, white marble headstone; its deeply-chiselled inscription reads: "Pugsley the wizard, who killed himself to gain a resting place".

You discover a granite menhir bearing the final testimony of Mudguard the wizard: "Fas est et ab hoste doceri".

Standing here is the tomb of Crysania the witch, inscribed: "Her trials are over, she has completed the test. Quithain Magus.".

Sticking out of an overgrown and neglected grave you notice a simple wooden cross with the word "Roger" and a stylised dragon singed into it.

A nearby gravestone reads: "Home again, home again, Jiggerty-jig.".

Marking a recent burial is a plain-looking, granite headstone, upon which is inscribed: "Andy the wizard, November 1991".

Towering above you is the blood-stained tombstone of Kyric the wizard, covered in the black accoutrements of stanism and inscribed: "Evil beyond comprehension...".

A mass of brightly-coloured flowers circle the stump of a once-great oak, carved into the surface of which are the words: "Laitha the woodland witch, January 1992".

A small tombstone is here, upon which is written: "These bones belong to Pitbull the wizard".

Carved above the name of Sherlock the arch-wizard on a mouldy piece of wood leaning against a tree are the words: "Lost - but not forgotten".

Before you towers a black, stone cross bearing a silver plaque, etched upon which are an erne, soaring high, and the words: "Kelly the witch".

A moss-covered headstone to the left of you reads: "Blackwood the super wizard".

You can barely make out the following words, inscribed on a weathered, stone slab: "The sea is where I roam, but the Land is where I died. Apollo the wizard".

A blocked entrance to a nearby tomb reads: "Enter me and die!". Underneath it, you make out the words: "Boogs the wizard".

Embedded in the centre of an agate slab is the lifestone of Sundaze the witch, dazzling you with its brilliance.

In an eerie, mist-shrouded clearing stands a shining, black tomb, bearing the words: "I mourn the Land, for I am lost forever. Carl the wizard.".

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