Secure Email Hat

I get over a thousand pieces of spam a day. Consequently, I have to use anti-spam software to delete most of it automatically. Sometimes, though, it deletes messages that I really do need to see. If you suspect that your email may not have reached me, use the following email address and it will bypass the anti-spam filters. Note that this is subject to change: as soon as I receive one piece of spam on it, I'll switch it to something else. Do not, therefore, add it to your contacts list or you may find that rather being guaranteed delivery it's guaranteed non-delivery.

YZ   AB CD       EF  GH   IJ KL
MN      OP       QR  ST      UV
WXYZAB  CD       EF  GH      IJKL
 MNOPQR ST       UV  WX      YZAB
     CD EF       GH  IJ      KL
MN   OP QR       ST  UV   WX YZ

You need to add to that.

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