Dummy Scripts Hat

These are dummy scripts I put together to test out some ideas for future applications of the MUDDLE interpreter. I find that this is the best way to get a handle on what I want a game to feel like.
Mitre Virtual Venice, a MUD set in Venice, Italy. The idea here was that MUDs could be used by tourist boards to help promote their regions, with the MUD acting as an interactive guide book. I chose Venice because I also had in mind a "romance" MUD, and Venice is supposed by many to be romantic (too many pigeons for me, though - I prefer Florence). The tourist part didn't really work, but I still feel that modelling real cities in this way could bring together people with similar interests, like in A Room with a View (one of my favourite films - and set in Florence..!)
Mitre Hot Hotel, an adult MUD (ie. lots of sex in it). This is quite amusing in its own right, but as a MUD it would put off the female players with its laddish approach. I learned a lot from putting together this mock-up, though, and now have much firmer ideas on how I would approach this subject given the opportunity.

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