IPLAY MUD2 Graveyard Entries Hat

Inscribed on a modestly austere tombstone here is the name, "Richard the arch-wizard".

The ghost of Poppabob is here, arguing with somebody, shouting, "If I can't take it with me, I ain't going!".

Enscribed on the tombstone of Grimm the wizard lies "We all end up here eventually...".

A tombstone in the shape of a winged helmet is here inscribed with the name, "Asterix the arch-wizard".

You stand before a simple, austere gravestone. Written on it in plain letters are the words "Here lies McNabb, a peculiarly Scottish wizard. He chose death as the cheapest alternative.".

Enclosed in a tomb of crystal, Layla the witch eternally mourns the love that cannot be attained.

A fresh mound of dirt and a slate tombstone mark the final resting place of Ahnold the wizard. Scrawled into the stone are the words "I'll be back!".

A brilliant white star illuminates the grave of Cinden the witch.

Two black rottweilers stand here guarding the tomb that reads, "Here lies our beloved Uncle Stingray! Disturb him not.".

The tomb of Satchi the arch-witch lies here.

Towering above you is the blood-stained tombstone of Kyric the wizard, covered in the black accoutrements of demon lore and inscribed: "Till death do us part".

This cold and desolate area of the graveyard is lit only by a small ring of flames dancing around the tomb of Blacky the wizard.

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