MUDmeet, April 2002 Hat

MUDmeets don't come any more convenient than this for me: it was held in Colchester on a Saturday. I was able to arrive at the very start and (unusually) stay until the very end. Perhaps knowing that this would be the case, attendance was lower than normal; there were only 6 of us altogether. Still, at least that meant I got to take everyone's photo.

The meet opened up in Yates's Wine Bar, which had bouncers on the door (not very good ones, as they let us all in). From there, we moved to one of Colchester's decrepit pubs, then on to an Italian restaurant. The food there was good, the company entertaining (due to the restaurant's ability to serve pizzas hotter than curries) and the price excellent (because FODDY and KARYA paid). After that, we went to another of Colchester's decrepit pubs, until chucking-out time.

A nice, intimate meet.
Mitre Vulnax.
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Mitre Pippin.
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Mitre Foddy.
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Mitre Karya.
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Mitre Hawumph.
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