MUDmeet, August 2002 Hat

This was a meet organised by Vulnax for players living in the north of the UK. August was chosen because the weather stood a better chance of being nice and students wouldn't be stuck at school or university. As it happened, the weather was indeed nice, but a lot of people weren't expecting this and were on holiday abroad instead. This, and the fact that the main road to Merseyside from the south was one long tailback from several sets of vicious roadworks (it took me 2 hours longer than it should have on the stretch from Birmingham to Rainhill) conspired to keep the number of attendees low. This was a bit of a shame as Foddy and Karya had brought some freebies. Then again, the mugs I myself had brought to give away were so poor that it's probably just as well they didn't get into general circulation...

As usual with small meets, though, it was great fun! My only regret was that I'd brought the originals of the photos on this web site with me to show around, and produced them before I discovered that VULNAX had put together a photo quiz for our entertainment. I somewhat undermined it... Sorry, Vully!
Mitre Boggy.
Image size: approx. 26K.
Mitre Antman.
Image size: approx. 27K.
Mitre Karya.
Image size: approx. 21K.
Mitre Foddy.
Image size: approx. 25K.
Mitre Vulnax.
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Mitre Hawumph (and friend).
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