MUDmeet, August 2003 Hat

Another August MUDmeet, this time organised by CRAZYFOOL. The roadworks from Colchester to Nottingham only delayed me by half an hour, though so I arrived at Wetherspoons in plenty of time. Although the number of attendees was low again (because of holidays), I did meet some new faces, which was good..

I brought some ancient MUD1 design materials with me, the first and only time I've done so (prior to sending them to Stanford University's History of Science and Technology Collections). Appropriately, we later moved on from Wetherspoons to "Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem", the oldest inn in England.

This is the first MUDmeet at which I used a digital camera, so the pictures are a bit clearer. The back fell off my old camera while I was trying to load it with new film on a train in a Welsh slate mine...

Only one photo refuser this time, FOLLY, but he does appear on the group picture.
Mitre Vulnax.
Image size: approx. 23K.
Mitre Crazyfool.
Image size: approx. 21K.
Mitre Billygoat.
Image size: approx. 26K.
Mitre Karya.
Image size: approx. 30K.
Mitre Foddy.
Image size: approx. 23K.
Mitre Hawumph.
Image size: approx. 23K.
Mitre Maxmage.
Image size: approx. 24K.
Mitre Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem.
Image size: approx. 32K.
Mitre Group shot (left to right): Crazyfool, Hawumph, Karya, Foddy, Maxmage, Folly, Vulnax.
Image size: approx. 40K.

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