MUDmeet, February 1999 Hat

This was a smallish meet, which is just as well because the pub it was in, just off Wardour Street, was small, too... We started at 1:30pm, and at around 5pm went to a nearby Chinese restaurant where we stayed until about 9pm. I took the photos, except for the one of me; Azzuri declined to have his taken, though. I did take one of Lestat, but his eyes were closed so I've not scanned it.
Mitre Cat.
Image size: approx. 25K.
Mitre Foddy.
Image size: approx. 21K.
Mitre Karya.
Image size: approx. 21K.
Mitre Havoc.
Image size: approx. 22K.
Mitre Richard.
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