MUDmeet, October 2007 Hat

This was the first of ZORDELL's legendary Worthing MUDmeets that I've been to, and consequently I met some new faces as well as some old ones. Everyone was OK to have their picture taken, although I left before some of the attendees arrived so I didn't get everyone.

The journey to Worthing was a pain for the section from Liverpool Street to Victoria, as the Circle Line was closed for weekend engineering. That meant I had to try get onto trains at Victoria in competition with a crowd of people 8 deep before me and 3 deep after me. That didn't work out too well... Still, it was probably faster and cheaper than driving to the south coast.

Although the meet began at the Vintner's Parrot pub, we moved somewhere else (dunno what it was calld) after an hour or so because we had to sit outside and couldn't move tables together. The reason we were outside was because inside there were huge plasma screens showing first football and then rugby, with attendant cheering locals. It was a bit loud...

With this MUDmeet, I've decided finally to stop giving the image sizes. In today's broadband world, 23K images are not going to take an age to download...
Mitre jamesbond.
Mitre Vulnax.
Mitre Mycroft.
Mitre Gestur.
Mitre Paola.
Mitre Cora.
Mitre Pippin.
Mitre Hawumph.
Mitre Blib.
Mitre Mike.
Mitre Zordell.

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