MUDmeet, October 2008 Hat

So, the thiertieth anniversary MUDmeet was held two days before the official thirtieth anniversary in order to hit the weekend, although given that we don't actually remember when the first version of MUD was written (it could have been any date from 16th to 20th October, 1978) it could, in fact, have been on the thirtieth anniversary itself anyway.

We had lots of attendees this time round, eventually moving to a function room that smelled like a graveyard. Roy Trubshaw came (he's usually working at weekends and has to miss them, but not this time), and brought with him a box full of memorabilia from his attic. This included the oldest log file from MUD that I know to exist.

My camera ran out of batteries part-way through taking pics of everyone, so I had to switch to my camcorder. This doesn't have a flash, which is why everyone looks dark and grainy all of a sudden. Still, it couldn't make them look worse than real life, heh heh.
Mitre Royston.
Mitre Jamesbond.
Mitre Roy.
Mitre Vulnax.
Mitre Jincks.
Mitre Xena.
Mitre Chaotic (from British Legends).
Mitre Gestur.
Mitre Blib.
Mitre Stormy.
Mitre Nero.
Mitre Paola.
Mitre Foddy.
Mitre Karya.
Mitre Crazyfool.
Mitre Thwomp.
Mitre Armand.
Mitre Cloud.
Mitre Zordell/Cenedra.
Mitre Hawumph.
Mitre Salvadore.
Mitre Zedar.
Mitre Dugtrio.

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