!       need %'s for maps
!       make it chuck you out properly when it crashes - switch off ctrap
!       make DBASE chuck out "our" names put in the database - stick in symbol table

*       make POWER non-runnable from [*,2653].
*       "Here stands the tomb of Maria the witch, shaped like a large button with F1 written on the top"
*       pss #121...#137, janet #22...#40
*       if you snoop on someone who's forced to do something illegal, you lose the force snoop forever
*       people in ROCK can run into MUD via SGO - stop 'em. Drop the MUD6 name?
*       ensure "Everything has been reser to..." starts with an E
*       cabn go BACK from ktreas and dwarfs don't stop you
*       I killed dan the wiz as an (unfrigged) novice
*       There is a bug with zaping the grate to get back to the land if someone is in the wardrobe then you don't teleport - ok
*       still told p/w to wiz mode revealed when you quit
*       wiz's are told when arch-wiz's follow them
*       stroked a dead rabbit and was bitten..!
*       In the cupboard (to go to the attic), I am told that you can FLEE out of it, even when it is latched shut. I have not actually tried this myself.
*       More major bug: dwarfen realm. In the King's Treasure chamber, it is possible to get out without killing the dwarf guards by typing BACK
*       At the end of a BUG or TYPO report, Thankyou is printed as one word!
*       Misspelling: Overgrown grounds of mausoleum... ...sweeping down into a steep >> >escaprment<<
*       catch CATCH WATER IN POT and FILL POT F STREAM etc
*       put a WIZVWIZ test in CHECKOUT (mud3) before add stuff. Also, make wiz's not be checked if they're v an arch-wiz? ie de-wiz 'em?
*       stop wiz's from being killed by novices!
*       zapping grate triesto take you to wardrobe - but if it's full?
*       try to feed rabbit to wolf - won't let you as it's a carnivore. make it wolf it down?
*       a WHO HERE command, savesyou looking
*       stop wiz's being told when arch's follow 'em
*       end of BUG gives word "thankyou" not "thank you"
*       Howbout a way for mortals to get rid of the rain? Say gamble with a god against some stamina or a sacrifice of a goat.. ( or human!)
*       put back TALK
*       Oh and how much is a MUD sweatshirt please.
*       a REPLY (R) command, which replies to the last message you were TELLed
*       put wiz's in a file to check
*       can't use START in power - wants a p/w
*       don't let people steal things you're keeping
*       WHO <level>
*       only arch-wiz locks should lock out wiz's
*       inventory <player>
*       forbid <command> to stop it being used by non-wiz's
*       drop <item> in <room> - should say the room for wiz's
*       don't let you get points from stream (or poker?) above level 6.
*       make screenwidth work properly
*       G IVY F DIAL fails, G IVY F BBATH says concentrate on sundial
*       stop people from being summoned if they're in fights
*       i just cast a spell - it didn't work but i was in a room that would'nt let me go to sleep and i came back with more than my maximum endurance
*       put random auto-logs for wiz's on my area
*       can you set user name from inside the game?
*       lightning mobile which strikes people at random as it moves about
*       if play violin and drop it, still get message it's broken
*       short messages for fights if you fbrief. Same as 3rd party messages to othrs
*       put TALK in access.usr
*       have a MONITOR command (uses the WIZD word) which is for whether you want trash messages to come up if you're a wiz
*       have it so you can KISS/HUG with an adverb, too
*       often says you7re not alone when you are
*       knocking down with feathers
*       when people die, say HOW they died, ie if in a fight or not (to wiz's)
*       Can open brolly lots of times without closing it
*       If the p command is removed....then why not the 'recite' and the 'chant' ??
*       trying to FELL TREE W WAND produces u need an axe (or wand) to fell a tree
*       are mobiles carrying things immbole?
*       if snoop on mobiles, hear what7s said in the room? see their commands?
*       stop it giving double |'s for You cannot go that way messages
*       smile might be nice
*       WHO LEVEL tells you who is playing at that level only
*       move panel says "i see no panel" in sliding panel room
*       have a SPIT command like kiss
*       TELL ALL EXCEPT bbb
*       make logboo and almana writeable but not as obj's, ie you have to
        type READ ALMANANAC and it then types out what's written in it
*       witches become wiz's if you att to them (petal does anyway!)
*       put up CLIVE's VALLEY
*       make it so can't go into wiz mode if more than half the number of mortals in wizards already
*       all EXITS in the steps to cellar were CELLAR - even UP!
*       having taken a bag - any LOOK i do looks in the bag! whoops
*       should you hurtle down th chute with the umbrella?
*       time-stamp yhe time when peopl egot big scores. Make it work right for ATTATCHED personas too.
*       switch echo off via SEM first thing so p/w7s not caught
*       if you try manipulate something that isn't there, then type LOOK, you get screwedup messages. MAKE IT SO LOOK ONLY WORKS ON DEFAULT OBJECT IF YOU TYPED ONE< IE DON'T INHERIT - or is it something else that screws it?
*       have 2 bits of uranium, and if you put them in a bag together...
*       when begger is zapped, get the object RAGS from store a tiara
*       OPEN BOOKCASE doesn't work even with help!
*       does it let you snoop on someone who7s already snooping?
*       You should be able to cross swolen rivers if you have a boat !
*       WIND to make you go BACK sometimes - screws up programs!
*       put in 3rd person fights pretty soon - colourful but short descr's.
*       STUN
*       if someone goes into wiz mode and they're the only player, next player gets the "changed to wiz mode" message too when they start up
*       lose stamina for moving - 1 every 100 moves or so?
*       PUSH X NORTH or PUSH X:NORTH - compare strengths
*       gorier fight descriptions
*       if in bunker it says the tunnel is collapsed etc even when door shut
*       make it so have to cook the wafers for them to work?! in for 10 mins to cook them ... then get points for eating them if you leave them > 20 mins say they burn + are useless
*       allow people to go down the well possibly to a watery grave?
*       if you ^C out when there's a noecho() it keeps noecho'ed. Make it use SEM?
*       butterfly->destroyed->caterpillar->chrysalis->bf again. T when bf butterfly net for ^?
*       when people are asleep for long periods, let them dream (demons) and get some clues

E       more interesting monsters
E       there is no way of finding out stamina of ALL dwarves in 1 room
E       Change laugh to I am so I am eating,proofs Polly the witch is eating !
E       make fight templates change each level
E       How about a Mirror for Valley ??
E       have a destroydead, so can get rid of some more dead rooms
E       put in a static for when you're fighting, rather than the for loop - use a differnet name though! Also make player.names!snd a variable in mud8
E       a GAG/NOGAG command?
E       a POLICE command
E       have a MACRO command
E       have a SEN TTY facility
E       have a message sending/leaving facility using remote files
E       let wiz's attach adjectives to people's names? FRED the NICE WARRIOR? could it be made permanent?
E       Can u make it so that lines about to get truncated are split up first. eg using " or speech.
E       make it so wizards only appear with a crash of thunder when they GO somewhere, and for walking just normal stuff
E       send messages to other people in the room when you're fighting
E       if you add Bardsley's RUN check stuff, make sure it only checks on a valid NEXTGAME, not LOGOUT.
E       when people start to play, add their names to a file, MUD.PLY on the MUD area, which looks for the persona file name.MUD. In this file put your name and game. WHen you do a WHO, look in the file after normal WHO, and read out players from other games and which one they're in. Make it a LONGWHO command?
E       allow WHO WIZARDS etc to let you know who of that rank is playing. whethr just want that rank or all above I don't know...
E       Why not have in wiz mode Inventory <playername>
E       island: some seagul pecks you when asleep. for this and current, need a 'silent' mobile
E       a cage with something horrible behind it, hard luck if you open it.
E       a pit leading to a cave with something ghastly in it. need to kill it to get out
E       some sort of book in valley
E       assume <animal>
E       let the database writer at the WIZARD word of the persona, ie let 'em give props to people. Objects with binary props too?
E       garbage collect
E       auto- as a prefix to anything, eg auto-save. use demons.
E       a few // rooms, eg 2 upstairs in house
E       more toytown treasures for beginners, esp. north sectn. less pts for easy-to-find ones.
E       bale of hay in paddock, contains a silver needle feed it to goat/horse/ox to get the needle
E       make tombs toggle on keyword. put in some new problems... split up in the.txt file
E       if someone already in under your name and pswd, attach
E       switch ini eg MUD/log/name:richard/brief etc
E       make dbase handle @ properly in maps - might be an escape code!
E       power's LEAGUE ok in MUD
E       mobiles which follow you - use .provoke mechanism? Porters
E       sliding the panel warn people in bluerm and diagps and spanel
E       WIZARDS prints out know wizards by walking persona file
E       if flee with no paramter, pick a random direction
E       some command which speeds up time, ie add some number not 1
E       USE command which forces default instrument
E       violin case
E       current at sea - use CURRENT mobile which moves you when it arrives
E       a way you can attach at start
E       make keg eg blow up rost? Make cannon portable?
E       if 1st whack kills something, say so & not your last one LH OF FIGHT!SND
E       dwarf coin - see both sides at moment. change to tossing it and it
coming up whatever's appropriate.

H       summon mobiles
H       possible for a RECLAIM which gets an object back no matter where it was? Similarily a DISPOSE
H       allow initialising of A in B in C - at present only works properly weight-wise if do A in B.
H       make time-ou detach you rather than exorcise, and when you wake up you re-attach. assumes you have auto-attach at the beginning of the game for people who start up with the name of someone who7s detached
H       let travel table print out messages as well as letting you move. Don't need more than 1 death room if you do this - moving prints out the message. TRANS to deadrooms can use a weaker ZONK.
H       adapt E constraint in TT to have rickety steps collapsing under too much wt. have eg  E250 to say you can do it if <250g carried
H       put pattern-matcher on SAY option in mud - .response?
H       when something has been destroyed, check it's not been dropped, inside something
H       MUD.DBA random access, 2 blcokc for each object etc
H       messages from snooped objects which DO something using demons
H       if someone you detached from gets a message, tell you?
H       instead of having RAIN as a multiplaced object, have an A.OUTSIDE
property on rooms. Outside rooms always get the RAIN description, which is turned on and off by the same demons. Opens the way for NIGHT and DAY. SOFTWIRED ROOM PROPS NEEDED IN THE LONG RUN? ROOMS AS OBJECTS...

T       have a brightindark prop for objects - will-o-wisps?
T       get shut of dead rooms and have a zonk-like thing
T       more rooms near cavein
T       use ADJECT field of objects as ATTRIBUTE. get rid of much of the +ve/-ve props etc and use words like fixed, random, invisible. allow the words anyway! Only need 1 bit for things like RANDOM so get more space
T       keys that don7t fit all the locks
T       alpine cottage and swiss alpine horn - blow in wromg place and avalanche, right place and get a bridge (unless blow again...).
T       hot air balloon to air castle
T       can have echos in database
T       someehwre where help is a disadvantage
T       chicken hut near house
T       animals beyond the leprm
T       tide going in/out (also day/night?). Room under jetty can only get to when it's out. Undersea village? Writing in sand?

L       privs
L       put travel-table on disc, and vocab too

S       message in a bottle
S       a ciborium
S       a paten
S       a reliquery
S       a staurotheca
S       orichalcum - mixture of copper and zinc, used in roman coins
S       vestibule
S       owl
S       flagpole
S       LOOK <item> to give the standard desciption of the item (useful for the statue, for example);
S       INVENTORY <class> to list the items of that class (useful for I T to discover which of your items are treasure);
S       VALUE <class> to give a list of the items of that class and their values - this is so that VALUE T can be used to get an idea of the total value.
S       How about a pack of cards......?? So that it has props......face up.....face down.... Also.......players can look at a hand..... +a method of putting the cards in an object called deck......
S       A handerchief (germ laden) which, if picked up will cause you to have some embarrasing disease which can be transmitted to other players and of which you will eventually die, unless you get the medicine (or tablets..etc),
S       a room with 4 masters. prev room has 4 globes. masters are bald. If you smash a globe, it docks the master's stamina to really low. Otherwise they're nigh on invincible
S       fog - do by a mobile
S       how about having varying degrees of severity of storm, eg bolts of lightning, and high winds
S       How about a hollow tree with something exciting inside,
S       truffle
S       beehive containing a swarm of bees and some treasure - honey? Can't pick it up, but usable as a treasure-conatiner, non-transparent
S       hermit in valley
S       some sort of event where you have a limited time to do it
S       hook
S       mandrake root (?) in STUNS
S       butterfly fluttering by, and net
S       any possibility of having day and night in MUD/VALLEY. E.g. you could have day for an hour, night for 20 minutes, something like the rain.
S       effigy
S       gilt/tinsel
S       pearls
S       heliodor, chrysoberyl, chrysoprase, chrysocolla, chrysolite, moonstone, beryl, tortoiseshell, malachite, coral, carbuncle, tourmaline, turquoise, odontolite, obsidian, jasper, sardius, sardonyx, agate, lapis lazuli, carnelian (cornelian), peridot, chalcedony, jacinth, aquamarine, quartz, citrine, malacon, zircon, goshenite, verobyerite, (morganite), rubicelle, pleonaste (ceylonite), spinel, grossularite, demantoid, melanite, topazolite, hessonite, almandine, kunzite, hiddenite, spodumene, rubellite, indicolite, siberite, schorl, achroite, prase, cacholong, hydrophane, jadeite, sard, staurolite, chiastolite
S       grove
S       ghost wandering around can't kill it normally - use wand? Makes you flee?
S       bar - open/closing times (keys etc), gifts on tables, cloakroom with magic cloaks, free info from elves if buy 'em a drink, need to visit WC, drunkenness, pts for buying warm milk instead of alcahol. Club bar with level restrictions on who's allowed in

?       if you are attacked by the ram,and win,why do you still loose some points??
?       the dryad got out again
?       can Z's get to FALLIN on their own?
?       when snooping on someone and attach, kill who you were snooping on doesn't work
?       if you jump off the cliff and you've got something with you, where's it end up if you didn't have a brolly?
?       close doors in mausolm gives funny stuff
?       put FS in pot - says it(s too full but still puts it in
?       If you empty a sack of treasure in the
swamp in valley it doesn't sink and score points put remains on the surface & can be picked up
?       go to room CELLAR and type UP a few times.. It doesn't get you out.. only OUT worx.. but isn't displayed in EXITS! Jez.
?       Nsnoop didn't work.....!! It said I had stopped snooping...... And then commenced to give us the prompt ...aswell...!! But Unsnoop works.......even tho it thinks you're not snooping....!!

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