ONLINE MUD2 Graveyard Entries Hat

Inscribed on a modestly austere tombstone here is the name, "Richard the arch-wizard".

Towering above you is the blood-stained tombstone of Kyric the wizard, covered in the black accoutrements of satanism and inscribed: "Evil beyond comprehension...".

A life-size bust of Vishnu the witch, in purest platinum, stands on a marble base here, upon which is inscribed: "Death and rebirth: the cycle continues".

A headstone here reads: "RIP Oops the butter-fingered mage; long live Oops the dangerously butter-fingered wizard.".

Before you is a large headstone shaped like a sundial, upon which have been written the words: "Nedric RIP. Tempus fugited, and so did I.".

On the nearby tombstone of Beowulf the wizard is written: "The squelch of the dragonfly made me wiz.".

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