Poster Hat

This is a copy of the colour poster of MUD1, which was given out as part of the MUD2 starter kit. I've split it into four sections for easier viewing (well, OK, and scanning...).

The poster shows a view of The Land from beyond the vicious rocks, and it is based on a drawing which appeared in Micro Adventurer; the drawing was copied from a scrawled original by me, now thankfully lost. The poster itself was later sketched for an article in MSX Computing.

I have several thousand paper copies of this poster sitting in my attic. If you send me a stamped, self-addressed envelope (to hold A5 size) and a letter telling me you want one, I'll post you a copy.
Mitre NW corner.
Image size: approx. 578K.
Mitre NE corner.
Image size: approx. 597K.
Mitre SW corner.
Image size: approx. 547K.
Mitre SE corner.
Image size: approx. 540K.

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