Style Sheet 4 Hat

Knowledge Of Areas
(no marks=none, 1 mark=heard of, 2 marks=visited, 3 marks=regular, 4 marks=advanced, 5 marks=expert):
Cottage North of Road South of Road
Under Yew Tree Foothills Graveyard
Pine Forest Cave Behind Portcullis
Goblin Lair Mine Dwarf Realm
Sea/Isle of Woe Ship Dragon Isle
Swamp Inn Under Inn
North Mountain Middle Mountain South Mountain
Evil Wood Olives Il Castellare
Monastery Scriptorium Formal Gardens
Keep Inner/Outer Sanctum Grandfather Clock
Temple Grounds Top of North Mountain Alpine Cottage
Known Mausoleum Answers:
North Tomb
East Tomb
Southeast Tomb
South Tomb
Southwest Tomb
West Tomb

Treacherous Swamp -> Ford in River
Ford in River -> Treacherous Swamp
Treacherous Swamp -> Entrance to Mine
Entrance to Mine -> Treacherous Swamp
Entrance to Mine -> Panoramic View
Stony Beach -> Vicious Rocks
Vicious Rocks -> Stony Beach
Entrance Hall -> West Part of Attic
West Part of Attic -> Entrance Hall
Fuming Swamp -> Entrance Hall
Entrance Hall -> Fuming Swamp
Ford in River -> Entrance to Maze
Entrance to Maze -> Ford in River

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