VAX MUD2 Graveyard Entries Hat

Inscribed on a modestly austere tombstone here is the name, "Richard the arch-wizard".

On the nearby headstone of Simon the arch-wizard is the legend, "An amuseing life brought me here".

Here stands the long, completely level tomb of Gary the arch-wizard, the legend "42" exposed on top, bearing the epitaph "No longer a road warrior".

Written on the nearby tomb of Achetus the arch-wizard are the words, "It sometimes pays to be afraid of mice".

On the tombstone before you is depicted an arena, in the middle of which, sword in hand, is Lordant the arch-wizard.

The headstone in front of you reads, "Mattygrove the arch-wizard, for whom the last mile was the longest".

Several hasty disinterments have left only Misty the witch's tombstone here.

Here stands the tomb of Carper the wizard, its inscription reading, "He forced his way against the odds to be immortal".

Carved into a gravestone here are the words, "Here lies Jaxom the wizard, a victim of MUD addiction".

Had he not risen from the dead, the grave of Skiff the arch-wizard would have stood here.

A grave stands impressively before you, its lengthy epitaph having been playfully erased.

Close by stands the grave of Sam the wizard, "He played it again, and again, and again, and again, and ...".

The grave of Decus the wizard lies here, marked by a monument bearing the words, "SINE TUTAMINE HOC VENIT".

There is a small, roughly-hewn gravestone here, its swiftly-written epitaph reading, "Iz the wiz: Rollerskating Speed Champ 1986".

A small piece of tombstone protrudes from the weeds, inscribed with the words "Here I" and "pen".

Before you is the grave of Siouxsie the witch, its plain marble headstone bearing the words, "Beware the cry of the banshee!".

Before you stands the scorched tombstone of Azile the wizard, inscribed, "He played with fire right to the very end".

The gravestone of Ionea the witch stands here, insculpt: "Be pure, be vigilant, behave!".

Before you stands an artistically-curved, statuesque marble tomb, the name, "Samantha the witch" picked out on the base.

Before you, carved into the polished anthracite headstone of Zardoz the wizard, you read the simple question: "Dragon? What dragon?".

A nearby tombstone reads: "The eagle in the old ash tree, The dragonet beneath the sea, The wobbegong beneath the waves, The wizard in his grave".

The red, white and blue tombstone of Belboz the wizard lies here, bearing the words: "Anyone wanna race? The next question is..." repeatedly.

The hi-tech grave of Flinx the arch-wizard with Pip on his shoulder stands here, bearing the words: "OK, that's fine Richard, but what do I do now?".

You stumble across the battered gravestone of Selene the arch-witch, its almost-obliterated inscription reading: "I was right - they WERE all out to get me!".

All around lie the broken remains of a bust of Vishnu the arch-witch, its only discernable feature being a single tear of frozen azure on a shattered cheek.

Insculpt upon the nearby marble headstone of Nemesis the wizard, which glows like fire, are the words: "The roar of the dragon made me immortal".

Before you stands the tomb of Idoronron the wizard, bearing the plain words: "I wiz, therefore I am".

Here lies the tomb of Arrrgh the wizard, bearing the cryptic inscription: "ST T FR FERRYMAN".

The Texas limestone tomb of Panther the wizard stands here, inscribed: "I don't know. I just don't know.".

Before you is a black slab inlaid with a single rose of ruby and jade. In flickering emerald fire burn the words: "Wabit the wizard, died of a broken heart".

Had he not been discredited, the gravestone of Dune the wizard would have stood here, marked: "July 1987".

A nearby tombstone reads: "Here lies Gomuku the wizard, whose last known words were, 'The wolfsbane always works, doesn't it?'".

Before you stands a beautiful monument, carved from magical ice. Engraved on its surface are the words: "Snowy the wizard was dying to get in here".

Standing here is a tombstone, inscribed: "Puddy the wizard is buried elsewhere, because he knows where he's not wanted.".

Before you is a tombstone in the shape of a robin; upon it are the words: "Mycroft the wizard, night player of February 88".

A small gravestone here bears the words: "Anneh the witch, firtht of many?".

A gravestone standing nearby reads: "Here lies the body of Nagasaki the wizard; he went with a bang".

On the ground you see the shattered tomb of Phantom the ghostly wizard, reading: "Alas, enough tried to get me, but I was too good for them all".

You stumble across the well-kempt grave of Charesh the witch, its marble headstone depicting a single rose, and reading: "Together forever and a day...".

On a misshapen cross here are the words: "It is dead. RIP.".

Before you spirals the tombstone dedicated to Andromeda the black-robed witch. Upon the stone is etched "Darkness to darkness, I echo in the emptiness".

Before you stand two tombstones, one surrounded by light, one by dark. Inscribed on the light stone are the words: "Faramir the wizard, Mayday 1988".

Before you stands the ebony tombstone of Leopard the wizards, stained by the blood of his victims and inscribed: "EHEHEHEHE IKONZ ANYONE?".

The gravestone before you reads: "Here lies Mummy the wizard, who had to put up with a grave because there were no sarcophaguses".

Before you stands a plain, white marble headstone; its deeply-chiselled inscription reads: "Pugsley the wizard, who killed himself to gain a resting place".

Carved into a headstone nearby are the words: "Here lies the body of Mudguard the wizard, who died of frustration looking for something THAT corny?!".

A stone unlike any other stands here. Brightly flecked with red and yellow, all but the word "Harl" has been washed away by the tears of a clown.

Upon the nearby tombstone of Slim the wizard are strange words in an unknown language, subtitled: "Okay, druids done, now where's that dragon?".

Had she not been discredited, the gravestone of Winnie the witch would have stood here, marked: "March 1989".

Standing here is a gravestone upon which is inscribed: "Bard the wizard, who died discovering that the sword is mightier than the pen".

Inscribed on a sturdily constructed tomb here are the words: "Brahma the wizard, he searched for friendship and found immortality".

Standing here is the tomb of Crysania the witch, inscribed: "Her trials are over, she has completed the test. Quithain Magus.".

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