Verse Hat

Humorous verse. Most of it is light, but some of it is darker to the point of irony. All of it is doggerel...

I've split this into groups, as the original single list was getting rather long. Some of the pieces could fit into more than one category, but it's not like anyone actually reads them anyway...
Jester's Cap Silly.
Verse which is plain daft.
Jester's Cap Poems with punchlines.
These are basically jokes written in verse.
Jester's Cap Moans.
Complaints about whatever happened to be annoying me at the time.
Jester's Cap Anti-something.
Poems which are uncomplimentary about attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, ... pretty well anything.
Jester's Cap Almost serious.
These border on being real poems...
Puritan's Hat Re: poetry.
Poems about poetry. I don't actually like formal poetry: I resent having to decode eveything, and the fact that even if you do decode it it's so open to interpretation that it could mean anything. Once you require a "grammar" for deconstruction, there's no point in using it - you may as well write in prose and let everybody have a shot at understanding what you say to them.
Jester's Cap Miscellaneous.
Stuff that doesn't fit into any of the other categories.
Jester's Cap Duds.
This is verse I have written but wish I hadn't. There are some others, too, but I don't do want to admit to them all just yet...
Jester's Cap Haikumatic.
A program I wrote to generate Haiku automatically. About 1 in 10 can pass as real Haiku.

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