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  • noun Communications. The (usually phone-based) connection between the player's PC and the host. There are many comms problems that can intrude on a player's enjoyment of the game, most notably carrier loss and line-noise. The player runs comms software, which communicates through an RS232 port with a modem; the modem is attached to a telephone, and this is linked across super-flaky networks through specially-modified static-generating lines to a comatose exchange out of which a battery of further "best by June 23rd, 1943" lines wend their circuitous way to the modems attached to the host. These are arranged with a special trip switch such that if for any reason one of them becomes unusable, so do the rest. NB: modems attached to BT's network will not work if they have no large green circle on them. Or, necessarily, if they do.

    The term comms does not apply to direct or Internet connections not involving the use of a modem, except in the compound form comms network. However, many of the problems associated with comms can still be experienced by users of such systems... See client, server, lag, link dead.

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