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  • noun A persona which is unable to use magic. This will be because either it has not yet touched the touchstone, or it has done so but has subsequently used up all its magic. Fighters are not a separate class to musers; musers can fight just as well as fighters, and have the ability to cast spells, too. Indeed, killers are hardly ever fighters because it is far easier to off someone if you can use magic on them; those killers who do occasionally use fighters do so only as a challenge. The only real plus that fighters have is that they can fully utilise the LS, whereas musers can't; even this isn't so great against an invis mage raining spells to cripple you, lower your dex and sta, dumb you so you can't call for help, and force you to pick up 50kg of assorted junk. Once fighters have maximum stats, which happens around super level, they're equivalent to one another in fights with other fighters. Well-armed champs can generally off unarmed Sirs/Ladies as easily as they could unarmed champs. See stream.

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