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  • noun A killer is a player who gets most fun out of causing destructive grief to other players. Capable killers are among the most expert players of the game, with only their rather distasteful goals distinguishing them from other true addicts. Personae rarely matter to killers except as vehicles for meting out and receiving punishment. Killers are never liked, but they may be respected. The term is a misnomer, since although killers attack often they rarely actually kill - the victim usually flees pathetically early, frightened more by reputation than by verifiable offensive capability. Some killers look upon their chosen vocation as a public duty, ridding The Land of plodders and people with banal names - indeed, there is an entire subclass of killer, the wiz killer, for which this is purportedly their raison d'être: cullers, rather than killers. Few mortals believe such excuses, of course... Killers are interested in players rather than the game, and are active with it. See explorer, socialiser, T-hunter, wiz killer, kill points, <level> meat, necro nuggets, dogfood, HCDS, PK.

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