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  • noun A player who doesn't have that spark. A term denoting pity more than dislike - plodders are often nice, puppy-dog people. Sadly, plodders don't even know they're plodders: they will spend hour after hour building up their personae, only to be blown away at will by someone who has that spark. Wizzes have nightmares that plodders will one day come in such numbers that they won't be able to handle them all at once (see rats! (sense 3)) and some will make wiz by default. Plodders are rarely deterred by death death (although they hate it), and they will usually start off again as if nothing had happened, much to the distress of the wiz killer who offed them ("It's like painting the Forth Bridge!"). In some MUAs, there is no such thing as death death when personae are attacked, only a loss of points; these games usually have severe game management problems because it is relatively easy to plod to wiz (either that, or nigh impossible even for players with that spark). Sometimes, a player who is in macro mode will implicitly recognise the fact by identifying with this kind of boring play. Q: "Hi, how's things?" A: "Oh, I'm just plodding along...". See nice guy.

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