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  • noun A player who gets most fun out of communicating with other players. Usually, socialisers are extrovert, although many dedicated snoopers are introvert socialisers. Socialisers would be quite happy in a normal chat program, but they prefer MUAs because the structured nature of such environments provides both a topic of conversation and the capacity to role-play. Incurable socialisers will often affect attention-seeking behaviour on the grounds that it is role-playing, although it may be little more than the consistent use of some cute verbal mannerism like thpeaking with a lithp, or the interlocution of grandiloquent divertissements of the vernacular. Most players like to socialise some of the time, but permanent socialisers can be a tiresome demand on your attention when you're out bashing dwarfs or whatever. It's no coincidence that socialisers are sometimes referred to as blouses. Socialisers are more concerned with players than the game, and are passive in that they enjoy conversation with them rather than actively doing things to them. See explorer, killer, T-hunter, HCDS.

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