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  1. verb/0 A feeble attempt by a player to evade responsibility for acts committed by their personae. "You can't blame me for killing your mage, I was only role-playing".
  2. noun The oppressive restrictions imposed on personae in some MUAs with a view to forcing them to behave in a narrowly stylised manner. Plodders seem to enjoy this no end.
  3. verb/0 Traditionally, what players will be able to do if a game has mystique. By playing personae as if they had a purpose and a personality, this should engender a general atmosphere of detail, lore and (virtual) realism which is self-perpetuating. Unfortunately, although many players would love to play in a world populated by role-players, they rarely want to bother role-playing themselves... "Everyone wants to be a lion, no-one wants to be a gnu".

Note: role-play should properly be spelled rôle-play, but since 'ô' isn't in the 7-bit ASCII character set no-one bothers.

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