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  • verb/1 Abbreviation for 'finger of death'; the expanded form is never used except to explain what the letters 'FOD' stand for... The most powerful spell in MUD, used mainly by wizzes to dispose of people who are annoying them beyond endurance. It derives from the 5th level anti-clerical 'finger of death' spell in the original 'Dungeons & Dragons' rules, which became a 7th level druidical spell in 'Advanced Dungeons & Dragons' and a 7th level wizard spell in 'Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition'. Often spelled in lower case, but in threats the upper case version probably strikes more dread into the heart of a potential victim. FOD is consummately real-world extensible, applicable to any act of deliberate destruction from killing queued printer jobs to throwing a stone through a window. See mortal FOD, FOD war.

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