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  1. noun Abbreviation for 'Multi-User Dungeon', a CAT (although 'Dungeon' was actually the name of an implementation of 'Zork' around at the time the first MUD was written). MUD is the name of a series of programs dating from 1978 which share a common scenario, were conceived as an adventure game to allow more than one player, and were successfully designed as such.
  2. noun A particular version of MUD, usually apparent from the context. Normally, it will mean MUD1 (MUD version 3) or MUD2 (MUD version 4).
  3. noun A particular incarnation of MUD, most probably Essex MUD.
  4. noun The scenario used by MUD, ie. The Land.
  5. noun the game. "I feel like some action. See you in MUD".
  6. noun The category of computer games of which MUD is a paradigm. This is what MUAs are called on Internet, although the term is often written in lower case there. See MU*, M*.
  7. verb/0 To play MUD. "I'm going MUDding now".
  8. adjective Of or relating to MUD. "She's a MUD addict if you ask me".

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