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  • noun An instantiation of a MUA on a particular machine or system. Although the programming is the same, the players and game management can be widely different. For example, CompuNet MUD and Essex MUD were both incarnations of MUD version 3A, but they evoked greatly different atmospheres. For some incarnations, the word "MUD" (or "MUD1" or "MUD2" if context is required) is always appended to the end of the name, eg. CompuNet MUD, On-line MUD; for others, it's optionally ommitted, eg. IPLAY, Dragon. There's probably a reason...

    Here is a list of all incarnations of MUD which made it into production; there are others which didn't get that far, but non-disclosure agreements prevent the naming of the guilty parties... The dates are from when the game was actually playable by real players, rather than from when coding or beta-testing started; a few of these may be wrong, so if you know better feel free to request corrections...
    Date(s) Site Version Nickname(s) Notes
    1978 Essex University 1A none Test version, to try out the shared memory mechanism. Anyone could play, but only a dozen or so people knew about it.
    1978-1980 Essex University 2A none Full-strength version. This was generally successful, and was played for fun by hacker and non-hacker alike. It was eventually put out to pasture because the software was getting very hard to maintain, and the memory constraints of the system meant it soon reached its maximum quota of rooms/objects/commands.
    1980-1988 Essex University 3A MUD1, Essex MUD
    1984-1987 Compunet 3A Compunet MUD
    1985-1991 British Telecom 4B VAX MUD
    1987-present CompuServe 3B British Legends, BL
    1987 Commodore 64 none MicroMUD
    1991-1995 Wizards' Guild 4E Dragon MUD2
    1992-1996 On-Line 4E On-line MUD2
    1992-1994 NVN (USV) 4E NVN MUD2
    1993-1994 ALMAC 4E ALMAC MUD2
    1993-1997 GEnie, Delphi, CRIS 4E Kesmai MUD2
    1994-1996 MPGN 4E MPGN MUD2
    1994-1996 Interplay (Engage) 4E IPLAY MUD2
    1994-1995 IOL 4E IOL MUD2
    1993-1997 SoNet 4E SoNet MUD2
    1997-present 4E
    1997-present Wireplay 4E Wireplay MUD2

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