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  1. noun The mobile of that name, also known as the draggy.
  2. noun The incarnation of MUD2 which ran on the Dragon system between 1991 and 1995, characterised by much cruelty to highlife.

    Historical note: this was the second golden age of MUD2. When the VAX incarnation was closed, MUSE decided to license the game out rather than run it directly. Roger Harazim took the first license, on condition that MUSE awarded no more licenses for six months. His particularly intense arch-wizzing style set a very high standard of play, and he had high ambitions for the game. When news that Interplay were asking for an exclusivity agreement came through, he decided to close down early so as not to end up running a service with no future while the final few months were eked out. As it happened, Interplay did not sign the exclusivity agreement, and Dragon MUD2 could have remained open to this day.

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