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  • noun A class of MUD-controlled inhabitants of The Land which (usually) wander around. Most can be killed reasonably easily, but some are very nasty. The ones which claim the most victims are the dragon, vampire, wraith, wolf, goblin10, dwarf king and guards, thief, wyvern and the skeletons. A small percentage are friendly. Some objects are pseudo-mobiles in that they do mobile-like things but can't actually move independently, eg. Valetant. Players new to MUAs may use terms like 'critters' or 'NPCs', but the MUD tradition is mobiles. The class consisting of both the mobile and player classes is creature. The word mobile is often abbreviated to mob.

    Historical note: the term 'mobile' was coined by Richard Bartle as a way of differentiating in the MUD1 implementation between mobile (under their own power) objects (ie. mobiles) and non-mobile ones. The image of more traditional 'mobiles', dangling from string on rods such that they move in unpredictable but limited ways, was a contributing factor to the decision only in hindsight...

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