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  1. noun Something in the game which exists therein as a physical entity. Even seemingly amorphous things like smells and (in MUD1) views of places can be objects. Items in the vocabulary refer to objects, and commands manipulate objects, but neither are themselves objects.
  2. noun Something at the bottom of the class hierarchy. "If you K DWARF you'll attack all the ones present because DWARF is a class. You want D17 - that's an object".
  3. noun An object (in sense 1) which is not a mobile or a player or a room or (sometimes) a container. This MUD1 usage carried over into other MUAs, including MUD2. "The apple can't move on its own, it's just an object".
  4. verb/0 What wizzes do if they disagree with something about to be imposed by arch-wizzes or by a majority of active wizzes. In the UK, always ineffective; in the USA, always effective.
  5. noun In grammatical terms, the 'direct object' of a sentence. In MUAs, the basic form of a sentence is <verb> <noun> <preposition> <noun>, and therefore the first <noun> is the object. The second <noun> is the instrument. See command (sense 2).

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