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  1. verb/1 To attack a player or mobile. "She hacked my mage a month ago!"
  2. verb/1 To get the better of a player or mobile in combat, usually implying that the fight was one-sided. "I was hacked to bits by the rats!"
  3. verb/0/1 To be in combat (with something). "Shut up, I'm hacking dwarfs". See die.
  4. verb/1 The traditional computing meaning: to produce something that works but which you'd have done better given time. Optimised for write-time rather than run-time.
  5. verb/1 Another traditional computing meaning: to explore and experiment with a system in a playful manner.
  6. verb/1 The traditional news media interpretation of the previous sense: to break computer security with a view to starting World War III.
  7. noun The victim, or intended victim, of an attack.

    Note that all the above verbs can be made into nouns, but it's more likely to happen with senses 1 ("She had a hack at my mage") and 4 ("This routine is a complete hack"). In all cases, a hacker is one who hacks.

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