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CompuNet MUD

  • noun The incarnation of MUD1 on the CompuNet network in the UK, the first commercial MUA in the world. Although an identical version 3A to Essex MUD, CompuNet MUD was characterised by bad game management which led to poor morale, plodders as wizzes, permanent hacking and slaying, and general all-round chaos. It ran from late 1984 until 1987, when CompuNet abandoned the DEC-10 platform they were using.

    Historical note: Compunet rented time on DEC-10 mainframes for their system (which was for Commodore users only), and at one point it looked like they might begin to make a dent in Prestel's mighty user base. It all fell apart, though, mainly because renting time on DEC-10s was astronomical in price, although the number of modem-owning Commodore owners was a severely limiting factor, too.

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