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hack and slay

  1. adjective Descriptive of a period of frenetic activity where everyone is being wild and murderous. The exact opposite of slack and hay. When the game turns into a hack and slay session it's time to set aside your main persona, bring on a dispensable one, and then to cause as much mayhem as possible in the full knowledge that you'll be dead dead within ten minutes. During a period of hack and slay, it is common to say/shout "hack and slay!" a lot of the time; apart from conveying the right ambiance, it also warns people just arriving that their personae may be somewhat at risk... See Mist.
  2. verb/0 To take part in a hack and slay session. Q: "What happened to your mage?!" A: "I got into hacking and slaying a little too deep last night...".
  3. verb/0 Interspacing the playing of MUD with serious hacking work.
  4. verb/0 Slicing your way through hordes of oncoming mobiles. "If you want to kill dwarfs, get hold of the SS - it's great for hacking and slaying".

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