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  • noun A database written in MUDDL, popular at Essex University from its inception at Christmas 1987 until the DEC-10 upon which it ran was switched off 3 years later. Mist was an incredibly anarchic, entertaining and breakneck game: personae rarely lasted longer than half an hour before meeting with some heroic demise (it allowed the berserk command), but this didn't stop the players from having bundles of fun! The game itself conspired in the permanent atmosphere of hack and slay, with suitably unfair puzzles and impressively dangerous weapons. It was, nevertheless, possible to make wiz in an evening, for those who could survive that long.

    Historical note: Mist was written by several undergraduates at Essex University, all avid players of MUD1. It was subsequently added to by other players, internal and external, until eventually there were around 20 or more people who could claim to have contributed significantly to its code, primarily David Barham, Paul Goodjohn, John Medhurst, Dave Morris, Shaun Plumb, Paul Friday, Michael Lawrie, Bret Giddings, Richard Thombs, Adam Bird, Simon Smith and (for the core MUDDL libraries, which it shared with the MUD1 database) Richard Bartle. The general historical verdict on Mist is that it was of unparalleled bloodthirstiness, but highly original and inspired, with some excellent puzzles. See also Rock.

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