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Simon's rooms

  • noun The rooms east of the fast-flowing river. The youngest section of The Land, having been added to MUD2 some time after MUD1 and Valley were sewn together. They were designed primarily by the late Simon Dally in consultation with Richard Bartle, hence their collective name. "Il Castellare" and the Olives were written first (based on the Tuscan house of some friends of Dally's), followed by the Monastery and Scriptorium (inspired rather heavily by Eco's "The Name of the Rose"), with the Gardens completed last (Dally's own design, composed after research in a monumental tome on how classical landscape gardens were planned and executed). Reading the descriptions of the rooms in this order gives some idea of Dally's growing expertise at the task. Simon's rooms are characterised as being comparatively free of puzzles, sparse (sense 2), and with most of their objects being easy T. The Keep is an exception, being a more recent addition by Bartle to Dally's creation. See The Land, section.

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