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I have restricted this section to MUD-related material. My formal background is actually in Artificial Intelligence, specifically the sub-field of Planning; however, I have published nothing on the subject since the 1980s, and what I have available is therefore hopelessly dated. Although I retain a strong interest in AI and Planning, I am now more concerned with research that relates to MUDs.

Much of the MUD material gathered here is also many years old, but this is intentional: as my collection of MUD-related documents dates back to such games' very beginnings, and is perhaps the most complete there is (I kept everything I ever saw written on the subject), I felt I ought to make it available to anyone else who may wish access to it.

NB: it's going to take me ages to scan in all the text I want to scan in; please bear with me. It's a slow and painful process... I won't include absolutely everything I have (things which mention MUD or MUDs only in passing, for example, won't make it); however, I'll try to put in everything of substance.
Mortar Board The main archive of MUD-related writings.
Mortar Board The much smaller archive of MUD-related writings by me personally.

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