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All non-image entires on this site display a hat in the top right-hand corner. These hats identify the nature of the material on the page. If the picture is small (like the one on this page), then clicking on it will take you to the entry which bears the same picture with double the dimensions; this will be the "root" entry for that topic. If the picture is large, then clicking on it will show this message (but you knew that already, right?).

Hats are also often displayed in the body of an entry, as below. Clicking on one of these will take you to the place indicated by the anchored text adjacent to it.

Hat key:
Orle Orle Meta-entries.
Mortarboard Mortarboard Formal texts.
Mitre Mitre Anything non-academic to do with the computer game MUD.
Mail Hood Mail Hood Other games.
Straw Boater Straw Boater Original fiction.
Jester's Cap Jester's Cap Humour.
Biretta Biretta Pictures (photographs).
Top Hat Top Hat Personal details.
Puritan's Hat Puritan's Hat Learning to Live with Orcs, a novel.
Turban Turban INsightflames, a novel.
Steeple Hennin Steeple Hennin The So Book of Spoons, a collection of short stories.

Hat pictures from The Dictionary of Costume by R. Turner Wilcox. Batsford, London, 1989.

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